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Wood Cremation Urns

Wooden urns are the most popular type of cremation urns. When used for funeral urns (ash urns chosen primarily for their appearance at memorial services), wood lends a warm luster and offers a particular sense of stability and comfort. Even within the same style of urn, wooden urns are unique in that variations in the wood-grain patterns of each piece changes the look and feel of the urn. Colors and textures of wooden urns vary, as well. Further, the finish applied to wood cremation urns can alter its appearance. Choose a semi-gloss finish or a satin finish to achieve to look you desire. You may also select wooden urns with a variety of stains – ranging from light pine to deep mahogany.

Because wood is a renewable resource, wooden cremation urns are a natural choice for the ecologically conscious – and a loved one’s environmental wishes should certainly be honored. Even used as burial urns (and not displayed on a mantel or elsewhere within the family home), wooden urns are a durable and long-lasting way to memorialize a departed loved one.

Wooden cremation urns may be easily carved or engraved, so you may personalize your final tribute to your loved one.

Some types of wood urns adapt to stains or engraving better than others. For instance, the prominent grain patterns in oak generally do not take well to a dark stain. Another factor to consider is that wooden urns with dark grains may not accept laser imaging as well as lighter-grained wooden urns. But if you prefer a strong grain pattern, oak cremation urns may be the ideal choice.

One wood that takes especially well to a range of stains is cherry. Its grain varies, but the naturally light shade of the wood makes it a good choice for laser engraving. In addition, cherry wood keepsake urns provide a suitable surface for a portrait of a loved one, perfect for creating a cherished memorial.

If you want treasured keepsake urns or cremation jewelry as lasting memorials for family members, your best option may be to select one of our lovely wooden urns – from which you can have matching keepsake urns for cremation ashes or jewelry made.

And there’s no reason a beautiful and long-lasting cremation urn should cost you lots of money. Discount urns from are a cost-effective alternative to pricy cremation urns offered through funeral homes and cremation service providers.

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