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Choosing the right Urn

Choosing the Right Urn
For many people today, cremation urns are memorials for loved ones. There are as many urns as there are lives represented by the urns. Choosing the right cremation urn is important and may require some thought. Answering a few simple questions will help as you narrow your selection.

Where do you plan to keep the urn?
What basic material would you prefer?
Would you like to personalize the memorial?

Some families choose to keep the urn at a cemetery or church. For some the grief process in easier to deal with if the memorial is at home or in a familiar place. Many urns will be displayed at the funeral or burial service. If you plan to keep it at a cemetery make sure you know the required outside dimensions. In other, words you can call the cemetery and ask them what size funeral urns they accept. Even if the urn is buried, most cemeteries will require that it fit in a container called an urn vault not to be confused with burial urns. Each state has different rules concerning burial so the requirements in Virginia will be different from those of New York or Ohio.

For some the urn will be a temporary memorial until arrangements can be made for disposition of the cremains. You may choose one that is lighter or smaller, especially if you must travel a long distance, for instance from White Plains, NY to Los Angeles, CA or from Cleveland, OH to Memphis, TN. In that case, wood urns or bronze urns may be a better choice than marble urns. You may plan to use a funeral urn primarily for the cremation service or the funeral. Several types could be used as funeral urns.

If you plan to display the memorial at home or in a glass front niche, your choice of material becomes more important. You would like to choose a material that best represents your loved one and fits the surrounding of the memorial. You may narrow your selection by considering where you will display the urn. In other words if the furniture and décor is primarily wood then you may consider a wood urn. Especially if your loved one enjoyed a specific type of wood or wood furniture you may find that it gives you a since of warmth. Very nice funeral urns are available in hardwoods such as Cherry, Oak, and Maple.

You may find the strength represented by marble is a better tribute to your loved one, especially if they enjoyed stone work. A marble memorial may fit very well on a stone mantle. You may have special memories of a rocky Massachusetts coast line, up state New York or the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina, which make a natural stone the right choice for your memorial. It may be that a Grecian urn is your best choice because of its classic style. Natural materials such as stone or wood have a distinctive pattern which makes your cremation urn one of a kind.

Bronze is one of the most durable materials available. You may take comfort in the strength of a bronze or in the strength of the memory it represents. If you plan to inter your loved one in a cemetery bronze may be the best choice for burial urns. You will want to be sure to have your funeral director check the requirements for the size. On the other hand a delicate cloisonné vase may be the best funeral urn to remember your loved one.

Once you have an idea about the type of cremation urn or funeral urn that would be best, you may want to consider personalizing the urn. Personalization is possible on most wood, bronze or marble funeral urns. Usually adding a name or date can be done at a very reasonable cost. While most can be delivered in 5-6 days, keep in mind that any personalization will add to the delivery time of the memorial. top

Cremation Cost
For many people cremation cost is an important factor. While cremation cost has risen the cremation process can still be economical. However, you may be surprised to learn that often families still spend much more than they could. For instance in many states, there is a cremation society. Today, most of the time, a cremation society operates just as funeral home. Often the cremation society makes additional revenue by selling cremation urns 25% to 50% more than you will find here. In most cases, a direct cremation can be performed for a few hundred dollars. Even so, you might be surprised to find, the average cost of cremation is well over $1,000.00. That’s because most families select cremation urns that cost as much or more than the cremation. By looking carefully, you will be able to purchase a superior cremation urn for $100’s less than those sold by cremation societies or funeral homes. top

Cremation Process
It may be helpful for you to understand the cremation process. Almost all mortuaries today provide cremation services. However, even if a mortuary provides cremation services in all likelihood the actual cremation is done by an outside facility. Since there are many mortuaries providing cremation services and only a few crematories the process will take several days and your loved one will need a container for protection. This does not have to be a casket, and in fact most people use a container that costs less than $50.00. In most cases, there will be several days between the time your loved one is transferred to the funeral home, and the cremation is performed. This will give you plenty of time to make arrangements. In most states, the body does not have to be embalmed prior to cremation. However, if you plan a viewing, to say good bye, then you will need some preparation of the body. You will need to make this decision in the first few days. During the cremation process the containers are consumed with the body. The cremains and ash are then usually placed in a plastic liner and put in the ash urns or cremation urns the families selected. If you provide the funeral director or cremation society with your memorial urn, they will place your loved ones cremains in the urn for you. The general rule of thumb is to plan for one cubic inch per each pound of weight.  However, if a large casket was consumed with the body there will be more material.  Also for very large people there is actually less than one cubic inch per pound.  There should be plenty of time to get the cremation urn to your funeral home. Of course, if you wish to transfer the plastic container from the ash urn the cremation society or funeral director provided to a memorial urn, you can do so at any time.

The cremation cost should include cremation services such as transfer of the body from the place of death, preparation of the body, cremation container, preparation of the death certificate and permits, care of the body until cremation, and cremation. The entire cost of the cremation process can run from $500.00 to $700.00 depending upon your area. So while cremation cost in Maryland or Virginia may be more than cremation cost in Illinois or Ohio, they will still only be a few hundred dollars. During the process you will be asked to make decisions which could raise the cost. You may be asked if you would like a more formal container which might cost $2,000.00 or more. You may be asked if you would like to have the body on display which may cost $2,000.00 more. You may be asked if you would like an urn which may cost $1,000.00 more. By utilizing a direct cremation and shopping for discount urns at a site such as this you should be able to have a very nice memorial with the cremation for less than $1,000.00. top

We hope that by giving you information and offering high quality deeply discounted urns we can help ease the burden of an already stressful time.

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