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Bronze and Pewter Cremation Urns

Bronze, Brass & Pewter Cremation Urns

When you’re looking for the traditional choice for cremation urns, bronze is the way to go. Bronze urns offer classic styling; they are strong, long lasting and may be cast into a variety of figures or shapes. In addition, bronze urns may be crafted with any number of different finishes; plus, they may be engraved, allowing for them to be crafted as custom funeral urns.

The durability of bronze is undeniable – as is its timeless beauty. The lustrous golden glow of polished bronze burial urns imparts a soft feeling of comfort, which may prove tremendously reassuring to grieving family members.

Bronze cremation urns are made of copper mixed with other metals. Brass funeral urns are composed of 90 percent copper and 10 percent zinc. Brass makes for a particularly high-grade burial urn. Sometimes, brass urns may be plated with pewter if customers request pewter ash urns; this is because pewter is not a suitably strong material to be used for cremation urns. All of the bronze urns for ashes at are made from brass – because brass is the strongest type of bronze.

Bronze is one of the most versatile materials from which cremation urns may be made; and because it is so versatile, it can take a number of different finishes. Bronze urns may be polished to a high sheen so the natural beauty of the metal shines through; and with a veritable rainbow of enamel finishing choices available, they may be painted and turned into stunning decorative cremation urns.

Bronze urns are often engraved; the intricate patterns engraved in the bronze, combined with the striking enamel hues, can make these burial urns true works of art. And, because bronze doesn’t rust (although with a natural finish, it does take on a lovely patina), these enameled ash urns are both beautiful and long lasting. In fact, bronze burial urns dating back to 1500 B.C. have been unearthed in excellent condition.

If you are torn between wanting bronze urns and angel burial urns to memorialize loved ones, consider having a bronze urn etched and painted with an angel motif. You may also order matching cremation jewelry or keepsake urns for cremation ashes – as a lasting memorial for family members.

Brass urns are extremely strong for their weight. This means lighter-weight bronze urns can hold the same volume of ash as wood cremation urns or marble urns. They may also be smaller to accommodate the same volume of ash as wooden urns or marble urns. And since bronze urns can be smaller than wood or marble urns, they may fit better into a niche. Bronze urns also will not shatter if they fall, so you may keep them on the mantel without fear of breakage. Plus, the lids may screw on for a tight fit. What’s more, cast bronze urns are seamless, so your loved one’s ashes always remain secure.

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