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Cremation Urns, Military Urns, Religious Urns

At, we understand your desire to honor your departed loved one’s memory. That’s why we offer funeral urns (sometimes called burial urns) in a variety of styles and themes, to meet a range of individual needs and preferences. At, we work with you to determine which of our beautiful cremation urns is best suited to serve as your loved one’s final resting place.

When considering cremation, it’s natural to have questions. Some of the most common ones are: How do I choose the right urn? How much does cremation cost? What can you tell me about the cremation process? You’ll find answers to these questions by clicking here.

Once you’ve decided on cremation, it’s time to select a cremation urn. Cremation urns come in many sizes and styles – and in many forms: bronze urns, marble urns and wooden urns are among the most popular choices. Bronze cremation urns are extremely durable and accept a range of finishes. Wood cremation urns, on the other hand, exude a certain warmth; they also may be personalized to your preference. And marble urns are classic and striking… with a lasting beauty all their own.

Bronze Urns

Cast bronze is a classic, traditional material for cremation urns; it is prized for its beauty and durability. In fact, bronze urns dating back to before 1500 B.C. have been unearthed in perfect condition. Cast bronze urns are secure (their threaded tops may be screwed in place for a secure fit), rustproof, seamless and strong for their size and weight; therefore, bronze urns capable of containing the same amount of ash will be smaller than marble or wooden urns. Cast bronze urns may be adorned with a number of finishes; they may be painted, enameled or engraved with a custom image of your choosing. Because they’re easy to replicate in miniature, you may also get keepsake urns made. Many medium-sized bronze urns are located on our discount urns page.

Marble Urns

Marble is another favorite choice for cremation urns, because marble is pure, natural and enduring… just like your feelings for your departed loved one. The marble from which our marble urns are made frequently contains beautiful, natural, random patterns. Marble is sturdy and may be carved with beautiful customized engravings, to further enhance its beauty. (Not all stone urns may be engraved as readily or beautifully as marble urns). If you wish, you may purchase keepsake marble urns… or even choose a small marble urn to contain the cremains of a beloved pet.

Many people choose cremation for ecological reasons; and marble cremation urns are a sound, environmentally friendly choice. In addition, many marble urns are quarried and created in the United States.

Wooden Urns

Most families choose wood cremation urns. Wooden urns tend to have a “warmer” feel than bronze or marble. This sense of warmth makes wooden urns an excellent choice for funeral urns – urns chosen primarily for their appearance at a memorial service. Because they are a renewable resource, many people consider wooden urns a natural, ecologically responsible option. With many different finishes available, wood cremation urns may be customized to suit a range of personal preferences – from a soft luster to a deep sheen. What’s more, families can order wood cremation urns carved or etched with a favorite image or design. Wooden urns may be replicated in miniature as keepsake urns as well.

Other Options

Many people opt to scatter their loved one’s ashes at a favorite site or keep ash urns in the home. We offer a lovely selection of keepsake urns for cremation ashes, many of which may be chosen to match the burial urn. We also carry a variety of cremation jewelry (lockets and pendants), which serve as a nice remembrance, along with aiding the family in moving through the grieving process.

When matching keepsake urns to a full-size urn, bronze offers a wider range of options; but if you wish to match your urn design to cremation jewelry, then laser-etched wooden urns may be a better choice for you.

Exceptional Quality, Great Value

Cremation urns are the memorial of a life well lived. Quality and beauty are important; but why pay more for the highest quality burial urns than you have to? You’ll find only the highest-quality memorials at; and, with prices 50% to 75% less than funeral homes and cremation societies, you could save more than the entire cost of the cremation arrangements.

Fast, Free Shipping

Shipping is free – anywhere in the continental United States on all cremation urns over $100 in value. Most families receive their cremation urns within 4-5 days. You may make arrangements for faster delivery.

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